Learn My Way website development

Following on from previous work I had done in creating a responsive website for Learn My Way - a large upgrade was required that involved creating a more involved learner and teacher area with numerous components being designed, developed and then integrated into the Drupal system.

I worked closely with the Drupal developers to incorporate the new components and functionality into the website which included:

  • Course package labelling system with progress indicators
  • Package course listing and tracking panels with progress indicators
  • Subject area and panels
  • Learning centre information area
  • Learner resources
  • Tutor admin and resources
  • Modal registration
  • Modal diagnostics tool

The work started with the visual design and development of the UI, which was then built into components in HTML, CSS and jQuery/JS where required. These were then integrated into the Drupal system and checked for cross-browser compatibility with support back to IE7.